Books Published


The Magical Switch. $9.99 + $2.00 S & H.

Author: Charles Schwend

Illustrator: Nicole Dormeier

Pages: 32

ISBN 978-0-9966512-0-2-5099

Copyright: Aug 2015

The Magical Switch was originally written for a Poetry Contest sponsored by Famous Poets Institute and won an Honorable Mention from over seven thousand entries. The poem was written for a bedtime reading to assist young children to overcome their fear of sleeping in the dark. The illustrations are by Nicole Dormeier, and we feel they will lead the imaginations of young children to visualize the words in a more meaningful manner.


The Keys, and Other Short Stories. $14.99 + $3.00 S & H

Author: Charles Schwend

Pages: 175

ISBN 978-0-9966512-2-6

Copyright: Jul 2016

The Keys is a collection of riveting stories that will entertain any reader. It is a collection of fantasy, horror, science fiction, memoir and even bizarre. There is a topic for every taste.


The Palace of Virtual Reality . $14.99 + $3.00 S & H

Author: Charles Schwend

Pages: 260

ISBN 978-0-9966512-1-9

Copyright: Jul 2016

The Palace of Virtual Reality is a work of fiction. Professor Hamlock discovers how to bring holograms to life. His first re-creation if Merlin the Magician followed by Aphrodite and other Greek Gods. His murder by a rival professor starts a chain of events involving murder, adventure, lust and jealousy.